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Now, with the QR barcode creation tool, it is possible to easily convert any text into a QR code, and through the QR barcode creation program, by choosing the type of code (converting text to QR, converting a link to a QR barcode, sending an SMS text message using a QR code, converting a number Phone to QR) and then enter the text in the place below and press the Generate QR Code button, and the generation process will take place in less than a second, and the QR code can be saved as an image and used anywhere you want.

أداة إنشاء الباركود QR

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عبدالحميد ميدو، مصمم فلاتر سنابشات ومنشئ محتوى رقمي بخبرة تزيد عن 7 سنوات. لدي شغف بأحدث التقنيات، اهتمامًا خاصًا بلغات البرمجة كـ Python, JS وCSS.

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